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By Duncan
Reflection Composition
Composition of reflection in two parallel lines. Can you match the combined reflections with a translation?

Tags: transformation, reflection, translation, common-core

By Phil Todd
Reflection Clock
Press the Reflect button to reflect the triangle in the minute hand. Press again to reflect the result in the second hand. Can you describe the motion of the second reflected image?

Tags: Clock, transformation, reflection, composition

By Phil Todd
reflected clocks
A reflection for Hogmanay- a look at time forwards, backwards and upside down.

Tags: clock, reflection, transformation

By Phil Todd
Coffee Cup Caustic
You can move the light source and observe the changes in the reflected rays which form the caustic.

Tags: caustic, envelope, reflection, circle

By Duncan
Pool reflections
We look at the path of a pool ball as it bounces off 3 cushions

Tags: reflection, transformation

By Phil Todd
Parabolic Solar Cooker
Explore the relationship between f-number of a parabolic solar cooker and its sensitivity to change in angle of incoming light  

Tags: parabola, solar-cooker, reflection

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